MEMS Display–Pixtronix

A Direct-view MEMS display for mobile application—Pixtronix

The link above points to a paper about MEMS mobile displays made by Pixtronix. Though i think as a paper, the content itself is maybe too comercial, the compariso between MEMS Diplays and LCDs is still remarkable.

Lacking the expertise of MEMS display techology, i am not going to discuss how the device works, but the benefit the device has prior to traditional LCDs.

1. Color gamut

The color gamut is actually the color “range” that the screen can display. The larger a gamut is, more color the display can provide to the user. As we can see, our MEMS device is actually more capable in coloring the screen than traditional LCDs.

2. Power consumption

Optical transmission indicates the power efficiency of the display. High optical transmission means that there is less loss when the light is travelling towards the out side world. MEMS display has almost 10x optical transmission because of light recycling techology which allowes a more efficient use of back light.

3. Refreshing

The refreshing rate of MEMS display can be 6x higher than LCDs. Notice that flicker issues and color break up effects can be illiminate when the color field rate is higher than 720 Hz. This is impossible for traditional displays however so easy for Pixtronix.

Mems display is better in color displaying, power consumption and defect illimination, why are we still using LCDs?


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